Please support this great product. The 7.04 edition of Ubuntu is the best Linux distro of all times: perfectly easy for newbie and pros. This is the OS that everyone must install!



Really cool;-) Thanks to Pippo for the final…



Really nice tv serie (cancelled from ABC after six episodes, but the others seven are avaiable online): perfect plot, full of secrets and difficult to understand (like all the modern tv series…), without Heroes with special powers and full of beautiful actors…And yes, this serie has a finale!Enjoy!

Vista and Freeware software

After using Vista for two months at work I definitely understood that a LOT of old xp software doesn’t work with the new, heavy, OS. Some applications like Symantec products or Nero need an update, others totally don’t work and some of them are really important ones. I surf the web and try to make Vista (that in some countries is not really cheap but will be necessary, like XP was past years) + free software only, also because for some days I was with NO antivirus, NO firewall, NO burning software, NO registry cleaner and so on. Panic!^_^

Antivirus: a must is obiouvsly AVG free edition latest version. Hope your Vista is not the update edition (like the one I received from MS) because if you have installed AVG under XP and you perform an update to Vista there are great possibilities that you cannot use this antivirus. Another choice is Avast! but in my opinion is too heavy in terms of memory and cpu load. There are other choices, but it’s not easy to find one that works with Vista now.

Firewall: I’ve used for years the fantastic Sygate Personal for Xp; now, like a lot of other applications, you cannot use it under Vista. I try instead the built-in MS firewall: not really good but not really worth. This is, for now, the only possibilty I know.

Registry and System cleaning: I’ve found recently two great little applications from Wisecleaner that work perfectly; I’ve tried Registry Mechanic but the recent version I’ve downloaded doesn’t work on Vista.

Others: “Classic” software that instead work good are:

OpenOffice (great stuff, but pay attention that the new layout of Office 2007 really rocks…but needs money!Probably the next version of OO will be similiar^_^)

The pdf creator Cutewriter

The fabolous VideoLan player (my version doesn’t support Aero but works good),

ITunes (last version, 7.1, but it’s sloooooooow and heavy like older versions^_^…But it’s perfect for music library and it can burn music cd under Vista for free!)

Other will come!(what?And a free graphic editor?!?The most important software of my pc?Creative Suite 3 is coming, I cannot think anything else but I promise you that I’ll try the last version of Gimp!)

Ok!I know!Time to switch to OpenSuse^___^


Great japanese band, great emotions, one of the best of the last years;finally no classic japanese pop/rock (the lastest japanese music panorama is rich of different bands but very poor of emotions if you don’t look in the underground area or if you don’t listen AKFG^_^)and a very hi-quality discography (I recommend “…And World” album, and the live dvd after that).They played at the Rock Japan or something like it Festival in Chiba at the end of 2006, obiouvsly “sold out” if you don’t want to pay 30.000/40.000 ¥ to buy a ticket at the classic West Shinjuku stores^__^ . I miss them but the new album “Green Chord” convinces me that I must see this band live in the future (before those guys end the career, a great risk if you know japanese music standard…I remember the dramatic experience of Do as Infinity8-))


HDR means High Dynamic Range Imaging and it’s a relatively new digital photo improvement based on the manipulation of multiple photos with multiple exposures. I am absolutely not a master of this tecnique but I think that it’s really interesting and hope to learn it well; it needs some really good software, for example Photoshop (CS2 is better) and Photomatix, and sometime others nice filters for the Adobe masterpiece. I’m not ready to write a tutorial^_^, take a look instead on the net and you will find a lot of them, and a lot of incredible photos. Pay attention: the software doesn’t allow you to use a single unique image with three, four or a million different exposures (example: you modify the expo by using Photoshop with a -2, 0, +2 value and save three different files) because it reads the EXIF data of the photo; this could be a big trouble because you can own the “photo of the year” but with only one expo and not in raw format!For this I use a very beautiful, simple piece of software named Jhead , that with the “-de” command destroys every line of EXIF data^_^.Enjoy!

To buy or not to buy?

Few days ago, looking on the net for the Holga 120 (ouch!60€ camera toy, wonderful:)) I discovered this sort of re-edition of the classic Horizion panorama camera, made by Lomographic Society. This “Horizon Kompakt” seems to be a very nice camera that used standard 35mm film, but unfortunately it has a fixed f/8 and only two choices: 1/60 for daylight and 1/2 for indoor and night.I saw the excellent related flickr group and the results seems to be very good.The price is 250€; there’s also the big sister, the Horizon Perfekt, that has variable apertures (from 2,8 to 16) and variable shutter (from 1/500 to 1/2) but it needs 500€…